Jul 25, 2018

Hello, and Future Programming

Dear readers, it's been about seven years since I touched down on this blog, and I guess it's time to post a few things. I'm feeling this blog is a good place to drop random bits about Mid-Century art and architecture that relates to Sacramento and the greater Sacramento Valley region. Most of the stuff is going to be piece-meal, and scraps about houses or designers or architects that are no-longer with us. I guess that's just what I'm interested in. In looking at what we've lost, at least that part of history is set-up to fill in the gaps around what still exists.

Keep an eye out in the coming months for these and more :

- Sacramento's Richard Neutra designed National Youth Authority Building, now demolished
- Demolished Anshen and Allen masterpiece on overlooking the Sacramento River
- The Collected Sacramento works of Joseph Esherick
- A William Wurster designed house in South Land Park
- A couple Carter Sparks and Donald Thaden designed houses from the 50's that were never built
- Carter Sparks' personal residence, as designed in 1955 and never built
- Conceptual Designs for the Cal Expo Grounds
- Remembering the Fava House, Virtually
- Blomberg's Basalite Blocks and "Operation Cue", Atomic Testing in the Nevada Desert
- Exploring the Blomberg Building Materials / Lanai shopping center, the early years
- A Serial Killer in a Streng Brothers home
- Designer Geo Louie and Don Birrell's work for the Crocker Museum
- Ceramicist, Landscape Designer and Iconoclast, Mark Askew's work
- What ever happened to Moritz Thomsen's house in Vina, CA?
- The West Sacramento CatBoat, and other things in the marsh

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  1. I would love to hear more about the Esherick collected works. We live in an Esherick house in Sacramento!