Sep 19, 2009

Streng Brothers Plan 943 / 944 Brochure

This wonderful little piece of ephemera comes from Eugene and Jean, original owners from the Overbrook Streng track.

An original sales handout showing models 943 and 944 from 1970.
In addition to showing floorplans, the brochure lists major accouterments for the homes.

Click on the images for enlarged views!


  1. That's cool! How nice to have this document. Thanks for sharing.

  2. P.S. there's a group in Flickr dedicated to Streng -- don't know if you're a member or not but I'm sure they would love these posted there too.

  3. Yerp, I'm a member of the Streng group on Flickr.
    I'll get around to posting over there soon.
    Don't know why Streng paraphenalia is so seemingly rare; it's not like they just went off and built a couple homes -- almost 3,000 right?