Sep 18, 2009

Capehart Housing, Antelope, CA

Originally a military housing development near Sacramento, CA. Designed by Eichler architects A. Quincy Jones + Frederick Emmons, and built by Sun Gold, Inc in 1957, this sprawling tract is now a gated community called "The Arbors".

The complex is surrounded by a dilapidated chain link fence, cinder block walls and it's main entry fortified with a gated checkpoint. Its location next to an abandoned golf course makes for wonderful vistas.

Near Antelope / Watt aves. in Antelope, CA.


  1. This is really eerie. Jones + Emmons 1957 - it's SLP Eichler homes' little brother! "The Arbors" looks like it kinda sucks although some of the pics of windows and fireplaces are still heartbreaking.